October 15, 2002
SIG Linux Meeting Information

I think we should have a meeting. It will be largely organizational. I've cc'd the CDLUG. Hopefully some people from there can join us, and we'll see if we can do some joint projects, etc. Among the things I want to discuss are what SIG Linux can do now that there's a Linux lab on campus (CII 3130, where we used to bzflag), and if there's any interest in doing short courses, like .CIO does. Maybe if we can prepare a couple this semester, we can run them next semester, and see how well they work out.

What: Organizational Meeting
When: Sat., 7 Sept 2002, 3pm
Where: CII 3130 (we can relocate if we need to)

There is a LAN Party on Sept. 7, so let me know if we need to adjust the time.

Posted by fps81 at October 15, 2002 05:08 PM